Rebirth of a tradition




Since more than 300 years, the family of Prince Stirbey has owned vineyards in the Dragasani wine region. When I discovered it in 1999, I immediately understood why my ancestors chose this place: I fell in love at first sight with the enchanting landscape, the charming people living and working there since generations in their traditions, and with the balance between nature and people.


Of love my husband Jakob and I gave rebirth to Prince Stirbey wine estate, but also with the wish to discover the terroir of every single vineyard and the rich potential of the different grape varieties, evolved in this terroir since thousands of years.


I invite you for a walk through the vineyards of Prince Stirbey, at the discovery of the place of birth of our wines!


Baroness Ileana Kripp-Costinescu


Ileana Kripp

Our wines



We invite you to discover the Stirbey family of wines – all obtained from pure grape varieties, each of them reflecting its own individual personality, clearly distinguishable from each other, but together forming a family devoted to the terroir and traditions of Dragasani wine region.


Merlot Rezerva “Ordinul de Malta”

Recently we bottled the vintage 2015 of our Merlot Rezerva „Ordinul de Malta“. This limited edition series was born in 2008, when the former Ambassador oft he Sovereign Order of Malta to Romania, Count Franz Alfred Hartig, being a great fan of Stirbey´s Merlot, asked...

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The Story of Stirbey Labels

The story of Ştirbey labels is full of tradition, history and symbols fused in a modern design. We are glad to share with you this beautiful story that contributed to the renaissance of a tradition. The labels of Prince Ştirbey Wines were created in 2003, by our good...

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Wine cellar tours



We invite you to visit us at the Stirbey Estate, at the heart of the Dragasani vineyards, to try our wines together with our traditional cuisine, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.