The Guardian – Noiembrie 2017

Sursa: The Guardian - 16 noiembrie 2017 (Kate Hawkings)   Wine: if you’re after a bargain, look to Romania Romanian winemakers look set to take advantage of 2017’s poor harvest elsewhere in Europe, and of Brexit, too Brows are furrowed among European winemakers and...

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The Guardian – Martie 2015

www.theguardian.com / 15.03.2015 Bulgaria, Romania and the new wave of wine ………… In the decade since there’s been a flood of imaginative new ventures, the sort of individualistic, small-scale producers that would never have been possible in the Soviet era. I’m...

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Inca doi printi Stirbey

    Vinul.ro - 14 octombrie 2013   La jumatatea lunii septembrie, jurnalisti, bloggeri si apropiati ai producatorului din Dragasani Agricola Stirbey au fost invitati in intimul si rafinatul loc numit Espace Minoux, pentru o prima intalnire cu cele mai noi vinuri ce...

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