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Bulgaria, Romania and the new wave of wine


In the decade since there’s been a flood of imaginative new ventures, the sort of individualistic, small-scale producers that would never have been possible in the Soviet era.

I’m thinking of returning exiles such as Romanian royal Baroness Ileana Kripp-Costinescu, who, with her German husband, Baron Jacob Kripp (a couple straight out of The Grand Budapest Hotel), has revived her family’s 300-year-old Prince Stirbey estate in the Transylvanian Alps.


Six of the best eastern European wines


Prince Stirbey Tamaioasa Romaneasca Sec 2013 (£9.95, The Wine Society)

Tamaioasa romaneasca is, according to the Wine Society, a Romanian relative of muscat, and there is a sense of that variety’s floral grapey charm in this dry white, which, combined with a fluent, spring stream freshness, makes for an irresistibly airy, refreshing spring-into-summer white.



Prince Stirbey

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